More about malpractices

Absenteeism fraud. Extra jobs during the boss’ time. Theft from the warehouse. Experience has shown us fraud is committed at 95% of all companies. The damage? 6% of the profit goes up in criminal smoke. The vast majority of staff don’t tolerate fraud and theft. Yet they will often keep their mouths shut if they see a colleague doing wrong.

This is why Hoffmann Bedrijfsrecherche has set up a new initiative together with entrepreneurs: a hotline where your employees can report on malpractices within their company, either via the internet of by telephone, in an anonymous and confidential manner.


Experience with such hotlines, in other countries too, has shown that employees are quite happy to make a statement, providing:
• There is an easily available communication channel;
• Any statement can be made anonymously.

This website offers them the opportunity to report on malpractices 24 hours a day and be guaranteed to remain anonymous. The hotline is a gesture towards committed employees and can help to make an organisation healthier.

How does it work?

If you want to make use of this service, your first step will be to inform your employees. The reason why you want to use this hotline must be clear, as well as how you have organised the anonymity and confidentiality. You can make use of the texts we have made available for this purpose. We can also organise the introduction for your employees and/or Works Council as an independent agency, if so required.

There are various different ways the telephone number can permanently be brought to the employees’ attention after the initial introduction. This can be done, providing this is available, via the company’s own intranet, the staff magazine, posters, etc. Your employees will be able to submit their statements anonymously 24 hours a day once the introduction has taken place and once all employees have been informed:

A fixed team of professionals will receive and process these statements. It goes without saying we will contact you or the contact person assigned by you as soon as possible after receipt of the statement. You will therefore be made aware of an issue within your organisation and you can subsequently take action, with our help if so required.

In consultation with you, we will also provide you with a periodic overview of the number of reports/statements and their respective nature. This information can be used for your reports and/or (annual) statements.